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Azure Blob Storage Content Type

Recursively Set Blob Content Types on Azure Storage Using PowerShell

Recently I’ve needed to programmatically set Azure Blob content types with Powershell. I needed to set the content type on all blobs in all containers in Azure Storage. By default, if not provided when...
Azure CLI - List Subscriptions

Using the Azure Cloud Shell with Multiple Subscriptions

If you’re working with Azure, then chances are you’ve used the Azure Cloud Shell. This handy tool means you can run azure commands from a couple of clicks from within the portal. But if...
Azure Standard Load Balancer NAT Rules

Azure VM – No Internet Access When Behind a Standard Load Balancer

No internet access on your Azure VM? If you're using a standard load balancer this could be why!
Azure Automation Runbooks

Azure Automation – VM Automatic On/Off Schedules

My first look into Azure Automation Accounts with VM On/Off Runbooks

Azure WebJobs & .NET Core

An introduction into Azure WebJobs using the Azure WebJobs Preview SDK with .NET Core